"The way classics were created. Raw. Powerful. Full of emotion. From the soul. Celia is the real deal. In the tradition of the greatest of songwriters."

- Jason Jasch, Stage Right Talent Promotion


June 2003

Land of the Free

I'm going out dancing
and I want you to come
gonna get myself all prettied up
gonna put my red dress on
you best get your boots on
go on and get your hat
we'll take a ride together
go find where the good folks at

since we came
nothin's been the same
thought we'd be
in the land of the free
ain't we?

Seen that flag and gunrack
I'll admit it scared me some
boys menacing around me
asking where you're from
seen my life flash before my eyes
thought we bouts to get blown away
we just smiled politely said
"we wanna stay!"


thought we'd change direction
head back into town
get us round those city folks
we know they'll be down
now I'm wondering why that girl
is following me round the shop
can't she see I got enough of my own
don't need none of what she's got


Spoken Word
You think I can't see right through you! You need to get smart. dead headed folks take up too much space with all that hate. Where'd you learn your bad manners from? You think you own this land? Where'd you get it, WalMart? I'm just as nervous round you as you are of me! Hell we got some common ground! Oughta be able to find a little humanity in there somewheres! Give a little respect, maybe even a little love…….

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