"The way classics were created. Raw. Powerful. Full of emotion. From the soul. Celia is the real deal. In the tradition of the greatest of songwriters."

- Jason Jasch, Stage Right Talent Promotion


June 2003

No Good Man

Sitting here thinking 'bout all the fools I'd rather be without
Then your face came into my mind
Thinking 'bout your scrawny ass all the stupid things you ask
Makes me think something's going wrong
Now you messin' up my house, dirty up my lawn
You need to go on

All this time you like to tell me you the adventerous type and you like to live free
All I see is you livin' off me
Go on all your fancy trips and sending me the bill
Well I know you gonna pay boy one day you will
cause you a low-down no good man
and you need to go on

Honey I think you mistook me for your ma you mistook me for your pa
And I'm tougher'n both a those and that ain't all
I'm 'bout to give you a whippin' you ain't never gonna forget
Gonna make you think twice 'fore you treat your missus like this
You a low-down no good man
You a low-down no good man
And you need to go on……

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