"The way classics were created. Raw. Powerful. Full of emotion. From the soul. Celia is the real deal. In the tradition of the greatest of songwriters."

- Jason Jasch, Stage Right Talent Promotion


June 2003

Tenement Waltz

Look I can't do the stairs anymore
Though I was a young woman once
My son, he stays upstairs with me
just to be sure

my skin is old and brittle now
like the paint on my ceiling
yet look how pretty past my window leaves hang
like my fingers fall and fade

I remember when men stopped looking so
and I became the one who watched
you can bet I find many things to laugh for
in you young rushing ones (oh these stairs)

sure darling I'll show you a book or two
that you should be reading now
you can sit in my love seat
and you will read for me

don't speak in riddles and then hold your tongue
give yourself over
don't forget the sweetness of falling asleep with someone

wonder early what the stuff of your life
is all adding up to
cause one day soon you'll be here asking someone
help me with these

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