"The way classics were created. Raw. Powerful. Full of emotion. From the soul. Celia is the real deal. In the tradition of the greatest of songwriters."

- Jason Jasch, Stage Right Talent Promotion



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Tracks: MP3:
1. You Make Me High 2.4 MB
2. Like You 3 MB
3. Magical 4.6 MB
4. Hell is in Your Mind
5. White Trophy
6. No Good Man
7. Don't Dance
8. 100 Women
9. Tenement Waltz
10. Land of the Free

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* New * - You Make Me High Remix
by Chris Ryan.
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While I Lay Watching

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Tracks: MP3:
1. Moonwaxing
2. Kingdoms
3. Man at the Pulpit
4. She
5. Got Nobody
6. Sweethearted Doll
7. Arthur's Song
8. Bitter Ends
9. Why Now
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