"Her best songs are frail and furious…"

Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton MA

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Celia live at the Iron Horse Music Hall, Noho MA

Celia has opened for national acts and double-billed in this sweet venue in Mass. This was a double-bill with Melodrome. Check them out at Melodrome.net.
By Jacqueline Pelott

By Jacqueline Pelott
Celia's first "Band" gig.

Celia debuts band songs with Robby Baier, Darren Todd, Bruce Knowlton and Matt Sloan at Iron Horse- this is during the time Break was still being recorded. Bruce on guitar, Darren-bass, Matt on drums, Robby on keys--all on the CD.
By Jacqueline Pelott

Celia at Harry's....Jim Weeks-guitarist and keys and special effects guy.
By Jacqueline Pelott
Celia live with band members.

Band members from left to right are Sue Burkhart, guitar, Chris Ryan, drums, Jim Weeks, keys, and John O'Boyle, bass.
By Jacqueline Pelott

Celia belting it at Harry's for the Northampton CD Release-it was a packed night....thanks everyone for checking out the new band and cd!
By Jacqueline Pelott
CD Release in the Berkshires

Celia at Club Helsinki Great Barrington MA...Jim Weeks in background
By Jacqueline Pelott

Crooning it at Helsinki.
By Jacqueline Pelott
Celia next to Stevie's Star...

Celia counts Stevie Wonder her main musical hero and influence....so she had to get next to his star when she was checking out L.A.
By Jim Klar
Bruce Knowlton & Celia

Celia and Bruce Knowlton's first musical co-write together was "Like You". Check it out. They spent over a year co-writing the music for several songs on "Break", performing in Massachusetts, and NYC. Bruce is the mainstay guitarist on "Break".
By Someone at Bruce's birthday party.
Celia with Culture Shock Friends

Celia's first appearance after a long hide-out...with dancing, rhyming, hip-hopping friends at Diva's....
By Thonsy
Celia New Years Eve

Celia sat in with Unit 7 New Years Eve, sang with Kim Zombik---chanteuse lovely.
By Sandy Fitzpatrick
Singin' at Kevin Keady's party

Matt Herschler and Celia mesmerized at a party on the vineyard Summer 2007
By Sarah

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